Helmut Rudolph
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Waiheke Island

How often is therapy ?
The frequency of therapy follows your availability. The first meeting is an opportunity to assess that.

How long does it take?
Therapy takes as long as a person needs, and is motivated.
It can be relatively brief if the issue you want to work on resolves soon. It tends to be open ended when the focus is on-going personal growth.

Psychotherapy is at least 3 months (12 sessions) of weekly therapy.

This type of therapy is an ongoing encounter with underlying patterns of behaviour and emotional expression. Running parallel with this process is a deepening of the therapeutic relationship.

Counselling is a brief focussed treatment to help you get through a rough patch or pressing situation.

It is once a week, for typically less than three months. When the issue feels resolved the treatment is ended.

Consultation is an intermittent session for support, particularly when you are unable to commit to a weekly therapy.

lt is also a good way to support integration when winding down from a period of weekly counselling or psychotherapy.

There is no fixed schedule for this and can be irregular, as the need arises.
A consultation can be booked up to a week in advance.

Psychoanalysis works when a strong therapeutic relationship has been established, and your commitment is for at least a year`s therapy.

You may recline on the couch, rather than sitting face to face, if you wish. Sessions can increase from once to twice a week, and eventually possibly three times.

This type of therapy is a “road less travelled”, but one that has lasting value for people determined to allow deep structural shifts to emerge.